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CHSP Services

Certified Health and Safety Professional (CHSP) works predominantly in Construction Site Health and Safety providing Health and Safety Advice on compliance, helping you to understand and comply with legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and so on. Putting together health and safety risk assessments with prevention and control measures, providing health and safety audits and more.

We also work with other industries including maintenance organisations, cleaning firms, steel fabricators, tree cutters, recruitment consultants, warehouses, engineers, contractors that typically work for the utilities industry and property developers, domestic and commercial.

Health and Safety Advice

Question: Did you know that the type and frequency of inspections and thorough examinations required by law for harnesses and lanyards differ depending on what the equipment is being used for?

Answer: This is an example of the type of advice CHSP can provide. We have an advice service that can be offered over the phone and or via email, to answer any areas of Health and Safety that you or your Company maybe unsure of.


Question: Did you know that under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations you must have an appointed person such as an External Health and Safety Advisor?

Answer: We can act as your appointed person under a Retainer Advice Service at an affordable rate.

Health and Safety Audits

Health and Safety Audits are useful for Businesses:

  • who have existing systems in place that may have evolved over time from various sources, piecemeal so to speak!

  • that who would benefit from an independent impartial assessment,

  • that would benefit from an assessment that would allow for a fresh pair of eyes,

  • that need to prepare for BSI OHSAS 18001, SSIP certification such as CHAS and SMAS or other certification.

  • that know their systems need further work and need an Advisor to identify gaps and areas for improvement


Audits are a way of assessing your Health and Safety systems and site to see how effective they are in practice and to identify gaps and areas for improvement, looking at legal compliance and offering best practice advice. Completed by a Qualified Auditor with knowledge and experience of across industry best practice techniques. CHSP Health and Safety Audits are measured to give clear results and highlight areas for improvement in priority order. This audit assesses many aspects of health and safety including Work at Height, Occupational Health matters like the use of chemical substances, occupational health provision, vibrating equipment, noise and dust exposure.

We can also provide a more comprehensive audit which covers quality and environmental standards

Risk Assessments Method Statements (RAMS)

Question: Did you know that under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations Regulation 3 requires Employers and the self-employed persons to carry out a risk assessment covering both workers and others who may be affected by their work or business, that risk assessments must be suitable and sufficient and significant findings must be recorded if an employer employs 5 or more employees?


Answer: CHSP put together Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) Packs that are tailor made to suit the Company’s purpose based on what the Company needs and wants, CHSP work with you to obtain the necessary information to provide this service. For example a Company with 6 employees may not find a 100 page plus Health and Safety Policy document useful or operationally effective. The packs we offer include safe systems of work like risk assessments, COSHH assessments and may include permits, policies and forms as and where they are applicable.

Health and Safety Inspections

CHSP can offer Health and Safety Site Inspections for Companies that have one or more sites that may need an impartial independent person to provide an assessment of practices. Site inspections can include site walkarounds, inspection of storage areas, workshops and site vans. Site inspections are scored against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) again categorised in order of priority. These can be carried out on a regular basis to suit your needs, at random times to ensure that the inspections carried out are a true reflection of what is happening on site on a day to day basis. These site inspections typically take up to an hour and a half depending on the requirement. These are more focussed on-site practices than documentation with an overarching check to see documentation is present.

Health and Safety Updates

Question: Did you know the health and safety legislation updates are released on or around the 1st April and 1st October of each year?

Answer: CHSP professional memberships provide us with regular up to date news and updates of what is happening in the industry therefore we can give you information on how this can affect you.

Support with Accidents and Incidents

Need someone to assist with an emergency incident, to liaise with the HSE? We can be on hand to offer support!

Other Services

Quality Audits, System Implementation and Monitoring

CHSP can offer a qualified lead auditing service to meet the ISO 9001 standards, to help you assess compliance and to demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement to assessors.

We understand that Companies may not have the time to implement quality systems to ensure they are monitoring and controlling the quality of the product offered and or service provided to your Customers but still want something in place. CHSP can take this burden of your hands and get systems in place that can demonstrate a commitment to quality.

Environmental Audits, System Implementation and Monitoring

CHSP can audit existing environmental systems and suggest areas for improvement and identify gaps where it is relevant to your business. We can also offer implementation of new or improved systems that would prove beneficial and operationally effective. We do not reinvent the wheel if in fact this is not needed.

Specialised Services

Waste management, implementation of Business Management Systems, procurement policies and procedures, achievement of ISO 14001.


Anything we have not covered? Give us a call and find out if we can be of service to you and if we cannot do it, we can make reasonable endeavours to put you in touch with someone who can.

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